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  • “I came to Mama’s Comfort Camp in the midst of postpartum depression. I was anxious, overwhelmed, and isolated. The support I found here literally pulled me through my darkest days.”

            ~Lindsey, Lafayette, Colorado

  • “If you’d told me before I had kids that a Facebook group would keep me sane I would have laughed you off!, and yet, here I am checking MCC daily, so grateful that it exists.”      

        ~Laura, Ithaca, NY

  • Before MCC, I was going to a therapist but still felt like I was going through motherhood alone. At MCC, I found loving support only a keyboard away.
    When I realized that I was addicted to alcohol, Mama’s Comfort Camp was the first place I typed those scary words. Within a day, I had seven – seven! – “me toos” and advice on where to look for help. I can’t imagine anywhere else where I could have safely uttered those words but at Mama’s Comfort Camp.

            ~Natalie, Los Angeles, California

  • “MCC helped me grow. Now I give myself grace and love instead of huge guilt. Because of MCC, I have a stronger voice to advocate for my family’s needs.”

            ~Bethany, Ithaca, NY

  • “Mama’s Comfort Camp is a university of compassion”
            ~Anna, Trumansburg, NY

  • “I was deeply hurt in other online parenting groups that were supposed to be supportive but felt like the mommy Olympics. Mama’s Comfort Camp is the only online forum where I feel safe and loved so I dare share my real challenges, my losses, and my wins.”
           ~Chanah, Jerusalem, Israel

  • “I was completely blown away by all the love and support I got at MCC when I was sad and scared. I’ve learned to be more compassionate and to be gentler with myself. This is rippling outwards to all my relationships.” 
    Ithaca, NY

  • “I posted at MCC while in bed in the middle of the night, in the waiting room at a doctor’s appointments, and from the school parking lot… It’s literally always within reach! I rarely have to wait more than a few minutes before the loving responses start coming. I am so grateful for this resource…”

            ~Ann, NYC

Featured Den Mamas

  • Jill Ayers

    Jill Ayers

    Mom-wife-educator-activist-advocate. The order changes depending on the day, but the importance never wavers. I love being a part of this space and having the opportunity to connect with mamas on a personal and organizational level. I love coffee, tulips, and walking anywhere possible. I’m the most extroverted introvert I’ve ever met and love to “take it all in” before forming an opinion or making a decision. Fun fact: I’m a lifelong vegetarian and I’ve never consumed meat. I’m raising my daughter vegetarian as well!
  • Melissa Muller Douglass

    Melissa Muller Douglass

    Mindfulness entrepreneur and licensed social worker. My kids don’t ask for dessert, they say “Mama can we practice chocolate mindfulness”, and I say yes every time. In addition to chocolate, I love weeding my garden, listening to bird’s songs as the sun rises, and de-cluttering so that one day I can live in an Earthship and use an Elf bike. #goals
  • Stephy Scaglione

    Stephy Scaglione

    I’m Stephy! Mother of two. I like long hikes in the woods, margaritas, and keeping it REAL! I am damn near the sunniest person you will ever meet…sometimes a little too positive. If I were a food I would be a bowl of cherries. I have been through a lot in life from a weird autoimmune disease and genetic defect to infertility and miscarriages, but it all brought me to NOW. I love being part of MCC. It lets me help moms and lift females of all kinds. Anytime you need a buddy feel free to reach out. I’m tattooed, free thinking, ungirly, and super body positive. I’m not a Pinterest super mom. I’m more like a dumpster fire full of smaller dumpsters that are also on fire…but I’m rocking every single moment of it! Happy Mother’s Day to all the Mamas! No matter the path that got you there!
  • Kimberly Fick

    Kimberly Fick

    I’m a mom of two boys, one who is on the Autism Spectrum. Hubs and I are currently on a long education adventure, slowly finishing up our Master’s degrees in Divinity and then headed to get PhDs with the goal of teaching someday at a seminary (or maybe just starting our own!)
  • What: an emotional support network where moms from around the world offer loving support to each other. Mama’s Comfort Camp is Not a parenting forum! We don’t come here to parent better, we come to MCC to FEEL better: to be seen, heard, and held, not to be fixed or saved. We breed ComFortitude: the strength generated when community members come together to support and comfort each other.  We offer moderated support forums online, as well as in-person support meetings and community events in our birthplace/local chapter in Ithaca, NY (Additional local chapters are at the inception stage). We use Facebook groups for our forums, but MCC is so much more than a Facebook group, it’s a unique resilience engine: leveraging social media to mobilize kindness, ideas, and resources. 

    The Problem:
    Maternal guilt, shame, and isolation cause extreme stress to mothers and families, often resulting in depression and anxiety at a great cost to family and community.  Well-meaning unsolicited advice can be hurtful and sometimes destructive to new mothers.  When humans are hurting, the foremost needs are to be seen, heard, and held. Maternal suicide is highly correlated with the presence of acute guilt and shame. Disarming these emotions saves lives.

    Our approach: 
    We provide lovingly moderated online peer support forums that adhere to a unique set of respectful community guidelines and clear boundaries. Our main forum is for emotional support issues for mothers around the world, and our Ithaca Chapter uses online communications to facilitate real-world interactions and mutual assistance locally.

    MCC supplements mental health services in many ways: even those who have the financial ability and the courage to seek therapy and if need be medications rarely see their providers more than once a week. Having constant access to peer-to-peer emotional support, regardless of time, place, financial ability, or transportation saves lives. For those who don’t have access to mental health services, MCC is the closest thing to mental health support — always available, and absolutely free.

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