Mother Up! Podcast

Mothers have a lot to say, and plenty of time to listen to podcasts while our hands are busy with the (often boring) tasks of motherhood. In Season one of the Mother Up! podcast, we will be sharing inspiring stories and thought-provoking conversations with mothers from Mama’s Comfort Camp and beyond.

Mother Up! is a call to action to evolve into a nurturing society by prioritizing caring over profits. We urge EVERYONE (all genders/ages) to act as if the survival of the species is at the mercy of our choices—economic, political, and cultural. In times of global pandemic and environmental upheaval, “Mother Up or die…” is no joke but a wake-up call and a courageous path to hope and healing.

This program is a production of Mama’s Comfort Camp support network and is a direct result of the beautiful and inspiring conversations our members are having within the safety of our forums. In our 8 years of service, we’ve seen thousands of mothers share their ups and downs and countless stories are simmering inside our safe-spaces. With this podcast, we’re excited to finally be able to share them with the rest of the world so they can ripple far and wide.

In our first season, we will be talking with mothers and other caregivers who are working to usher a maternal evolution. Please join us for challenging conversations and inspiring personal stories.

Look for Mother Up! On your favorite podcast app or click here to go to the show homepage: — sneak peek episode here:

Prequel episode: Mothers and Politics During Quarantine: