TEDx Nurture

Following a sold-out maternal comedy showcase, the Mother Up! Initiative is responding to a need expressed by participants and spectators alike: a longing for an opportunity for mothers to be seriously thought-provoking. Laughter is medicine, but so is respect, and we’re designing an event and platform that will give voice to the valid concerns of those who nurture humanity but are too often taken for granted, unseen and unheard.

We propose an expertly produced and filmed TEDx Nurture event at a prime Ithaca venue, on Saturday, May 8, 2021, the day before Mother’s Day with speaking opportunities for parents, farmers, nurses, teachers, and all other nurturers. 

Humanity is hurting. It is clear that unless we shift from profits to nurturing as the guiding principle of our society and economy, we will all suffer greatly.

MCC and a wealth of community collaborators are coming together to amplify the voices of the mothers and the nurturers. 

In this program, we will not just invite participants to step up to the scary spotlight with a leap of faith. We are committed to helping speakers grow wings with expert coaching for speaking, performance, and memorization, so they arrive at this high-visibility event ready to shine. 

We are committed to diversity and inclusion, and will support the participants in crowdfunding for the cost of their participation in the extensive program coaching. We are excited about creating this platform for mothers and other nurturers to speak truth to power, change hearts and minds, and create ripples of positive change.

Interested in speaking, coaching, or sponsoring TEDx Nurture? If so please click here to sign up.

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